art info / terms of service / current examples
feel free to reach out to me anywhere listed on this page to inquire about a commission.

be aware that i am an anxious person and generally not very chatty but don't let that stop you.

(examples are at the bottom of this page.)

if you have an idea that you're not sure of, please feel free to ask - i will not be bothered.

all projects must be paid for in full before work begins.
i use the paypal invoice system. i can also accept, potentially, venmo payments.

additional characters, vignettes, etc cost more. these will be priced case-by-case.

i almost always need a visual reference for your character. ask if you're not sure.

i have the right to refuse or refund any commission for any reason.

i will not draw sexually explicit content.

if you'd like me to replicate a style i've done in the past, ASK!
i am in a constant state of experimentation and always developing new tricks.

info on...
...and its pricing

full render (includes sketch, inks, flats, + shading): $80-$100
flat colors (includes sketch, inks, + flats): $50
inked (includes sketch, + inks): $35
sketch (includes sketch only): $20-$25

check-ins at each stage.
high level of complexity possible, and will be fully inked, shaded, etc in my normal style.